Prevent Your emission impact – Act now!

We provide the possibility to acquire emission allowances from The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and eliminate them. First the customer selects the amount of CO2 tons to be eliminated. Alternatively, the customer can choose the activity (e.g. traveling, living etc.) from which the emission impact will be eliminated. The second step is to pay the service at the web store. Then we will send you a certificate as a proof for the elimination of the emission allowances. We publish frequently the total amount of eliminated emission allowances on our website.

The EU ETS is the most cost-efficient and largest route to prevent CO2 emissions within EU. It covers more than 11 000 industrial plants and around 45% of total greenhouse gas emissions from the 28 EU countries. Elimination of emissions in EU ETS directly prevents the selected amount of emissions to be emitted by the plants in the EU ETS. It is not compensation of emissions, it is actual and proven emission preventing. Due to well established and controlled processes within EU ETS, our solution is guaranteed.

Our service has 5 outstanding benefits:

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Transparent
  3. Simple
  4. Public authority controls the system and guarantees the elimination
  5. It’s not a compensation, it actually prevents CO2 emissions!

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About the company

CO2Esto Ltd is an expert company which is serving companies, communities and individuals to seek cost-efficient solutions to combat climate and energy challenges. The entrepreneurs have several years of experience related to energy and CO2 mitigation assessments, technologies and development projects.

We encourage You to become aware of Your own climate impact and act accordingly. We offer services to cost efficient emission reduction and we provide a fast and a simple route to eliminate Your impact on CO2 emissions.

You can also download our brochure here.

Only four steps to success:

  1. Eliminate CO2 emissions at the web store
  2. We will send you a certificate on the elimination
  3. We buy and eliminate emission allowances from the EU ETS system
  4. We report the cumulative amount of the eliminated emission allowances on our website without any personal data of individual customers

CO2 emissions eliminated until today by CO2Esto service:

837 000 kg

Equals about 6 975 000 kilometers driving with a passenger car!